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Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of death in the Western world and continue to be so with the aging of the population. The social burden of these diseases is immense. Despite the success in reducing premature death from coronary disease, more men and women are surviving with impaired cardiac function. In addition these are age-related disorders, so the increasing number of elderly means that the pressure on health care services which are likely to escalate unless more effective preventive measures can be devised.

Bleeding disorders is a general term for a wide range of medical problems that lead to poor blood clotting and continuous bleeding. In addition to the tremendous financial cost of sever bleeding disorders, they have a marked impact in the social aspects family relationship. Daily activities can easily be disrupted. Families living with patients with severe bleeding disorders experience more days lost from work and school.

The following movies are available to illustrate the main aspects of thrombosis and bleeding processes, as they occur in flowing blood:

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